Niko Komin, Science Journalist

Niko Komin
Niko Komin, PhD, Theoretical Physicist, Science Journalist
Email: nkomin ATT snafu D0T de
Languages: DEU ENG ESP
Founder of and author at Laika und Freunde (German)
Water flea schematics (N. Komin Master's thesis)

Niko Komin studied theoretical physics in Berlin. He worked at the interfaces between physics and biology or medicine, with a strong take on computational methods.

Niko researched the seemingly random motion of water fleas, the circadian rhythm, drug absorption, and so-called phase transitions: big changes due to small perturbations. He also developed computer models of organ regrowth and of brain energy supply.

Since 2018, Niko he is a freelance science writer and journalist. He tells stories from all different kind of science. He creates understandable content from complex information.

We are constantly surrounded by science. Everywhere. Scientific research is an important part of the modern world. Niko is convinced that the communication between science and society is key to the prosperity of both. Knowledge is power, transparency creates trust. With this in mind, he founded the website “Laika und Freunde”. Although mainly in German, the blog is beginning to have some content in English.

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Explainer: metabolic needs of human bodies.
Metabolic needs
Explainer: star brightness variation caused by a passing comet.
Exocomet revealed
Explainer: different cell types (triangular, square, hexagonal…) covering an area.
Covering of a map


Map of gun shops along the US-Mexico border.
Gun shops along the border

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