Conference: SPIE Medical Imaging 2024

X-ray of a hand taken by Wilhelm Röntgen. The bones are dark on a white background. A black octagon on the ring finger comes from a ring. A hand written text above the x-ray reads "Hand mit Ringen".
First “Medical X-ray” of the history: The hand of Röntgen’s wife Anna, taken in 1895.

Ever got an X-ray taken? It’s been about 130 years since Wilhelm Conrad Röntgen imaged the bones (and ring) of his wife’s hand. This technology has been used and refined many times ever since. Other inventions followed that allow different views into the body, with more precision and less damaging: magnetic resonance imaging, positron emission tomography, or ultrasound to name just a few. And the development is ongoing.

One of the most important events where researchers, developers and vendors of medical imaging technology meet is the annual SPIE Medical Imaging conference. This year it is happening from February 18 to 22, as usual in San Diego, California.

The hosting international society for optics and photonics (SPIE) is a not-for-profit society promoting optics and photonics research and technology. It publishes about a dozen of scientific journals and hosts a number of conferences and exhibitions throughout the year.

I will be reporting live from the the SPIE Medical Imaging conference on my Mastodon and embed the relevant posts below. Feel free to drop a comment at the bottom, no sign up needed. #SPIEMedicalImaging

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